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Feng Shui Your Bits & Bytes

Hey there, exasperated entrepreneur!

Have you hit a major speed bump because you’re always fixing another technology issue?

Is all that software & systems mumbo-jumbo driving you nuts?

Do you want to know how to make your business automate… for real?

Wouldn’t it be nice to delegate some of this without wasting your precious dollars? 

When I mention mastering your business foundation and making it rock solid, you’re probably thinking:

“How can I possibly do that when I am NOT friends with technology?!”

If this sounds like you, then you are definitely in the right place…

I Promise You Don’t Have To Become a Tech Person To Make This Work.

But continuing to muddle through with Google, YouTube, and a handful of freebie webinars isn’t going to get you where you want to be.


I want you to imagine your business without technology headaches…



showing up fully in your business every day, knowing that it’s automated in all the right places. You have time to exercise your creative muscles and interact with your clients without distraction.



being able to relax each day without fixing a software issue! When snags happen, you breeze through them with ease because you have all the pieces in place.



finally delegating this stuff off your plate… to someone who loves this kind of work. Even better, you know how to clearly ask for what you need and they deliver without your vision getting lost in translation.



what you’ll do with all this emotional calm and freedom from chaos. You can develop those higher priced programs, have deep conversations with your ideal clients, and show up in your fullest expression.

How Do You Make This Your Reality?

The way to get there is by creating a rock solid backend for your business.
The foundation is what allows your software & systems to function as they were intended.

When your software & systems do their jobs fully, you get to do YOUR job as the visionary.

Here’s What It Might Look Like For You To Transition From Chaos To Calmness

Knowing exactly the flow of your customer experience through your service pipeline.  Until you understand the ecosystem of your business backend, you’ll never be 100% sure that your clients are getting their best experience with you.

Confidently understanding the difference between marketing and business systems.  When you’re clear on what is a tool vs. what is a strategy, you can fix your issues and make bigger impacts.

Saving your business from endless bright, shiny objects that cost money… and that you never use.  How many subscriptions go unused or under-utilized?  When you really see how the puzzle pieces fit together, you’ll spend less overhead on software tools.

Being able to confidently and clearly communicate to your support staff what you are asking them to do for you.  No more back-and-forth miscommunications… how nice would it be to have your website done in half the time and under budget?  Imagine having a super clear plan for your virtual assistant to maximize their time and talents.

Showing up in your fullest expression, having the freedom to be creative, and knowing that your business foundation is supporting you the entire time.  You know which tools to use, which ones require support, and which ones you can fly with at a moment’s notice.

Feng Shui Your Bits & Bytes is A PRE-MASTERMIND program that helps you create a rock solid foundation.

You need to know your business without assumptions and create the security required to scale and grow effectively… while still honoring your intuition and emotional confidence.

There are strategic steps to every goal…

When you begin your business journey, you don’t know what you don’t know.  You try a bunch of stuff and see what sticks.

Then you learn some structure by watching others.  You copy formulas, you Google a lot of stuff, and YouTube becomes your BFF.

One day you realize you’re on a hamster wheel… going around and around.  The same problems keep resurfacing and the same sticky points keep getting more stuck.

This is not about copying someone’s formula (which won’t work 100% for you anyway).  It’s about tapping into your own rhythms and mastering the combination that works for YOU.





You’re so excited to pursue your passion, but the ROI isn’t showing up fast enough.

You know you have a GREAT offer and GREAT clients, but you feel like it’s so hard to deliver in a way that matches your expectations.

You want to get to the “important stuff” but you’re stuck fixing technical bugs.

You feel confused about what is what and what goes where and how does it all get packaged for your client to purchase.

You need a framework to cut through the busy work and create emotional freedom around the things that should support you, not suck the life out of you.

Sensible Woo



This is NOT a course… it’s a pre-mastermind program to help you prepare for bigger business growth with better experiences.

Through a combination of guided modules, live office hours, and business builder expert discussions, you’ll implement the Digital Feng Shui system with comfort, clarity, and ease.


  1. Inventory: When you know what you have, you can make real decisions & plans.
  2. Security & Backups: Creating safe boundaries around your intellectual property ensures scalability.
  3. Backlogs & Priorities: Having a plan-of-action with thoughtful intention allows you to move forward without getting sucked back into old paradigms.
  4. Workflows: The Signature Service of Digital Feng Shui is the ability to map out any pipeline and process in your business, clearly identify your requirements, and choose tools that support the flow.
  5. Content & Habits: As your foundation solidifies, you can create more effective marketing strategies… with habits that keep your foundation rock solid.
  6. Strategic & Disaster Planning: Prepare for the coming year AND never be caught in a pivot trap ever again.  The ability to be nimble is rooted in a strong foundation.
Digital Bagua Map
Get started

Here’s What You Get Inside The Program

Pre-loaded content with templates.

Business builder series with subject experts in marketing, operations, and more.

→ 24/7 Q&A directly inside the program.

→ Private booking link for individual coaching add-ons.

→ Freedom to work as fast or slow as you choose!


“Participating in Feng Shui Your Bits & Bytes has helped me immensely. The program helped me create sustainable structures that have saved me time!

I did not know about the importance of creating a technology inventory, I felt as though I was drowning in my email, and I did not know how to organize: documents, websites, files, etc. This is important because it allows me more time for the creative aspects of my business.

Additionally, I have transferred some of the strategies to analog systems, which has been helpful as well!”

Ann Welch

“Feng Shui Your Bits & Bytes introduced me to continue to ease the challenges of keeping myself productively organized and able to see and retrieve the information I need when I need it. Among these is a habit of updating and re-organizing both document and email files so they visually reflect what I am working on and which prospects are hot, warm, and cold.

I’ve pulled out the hard and software inventory more than once to check on costs and remind myself what a particular subscription is supposed to be doing for me before signing on to the next shiny thing. And now when I finish a project I move it to archival space I’ve created, and when I am repurposing archival information move it to the current project file where it is needed.”

Sara Eisenberg

The Next Step Is To Take Action…

I’m So Excited To Work With You!


You’re ready to create flow & freedom around your business backend, but you’ve got questions…

I totally get it.  Here are some common ones:

Can I do a free trial?
While there is no free trial, I do provide a LOT of free material that is meant to give you a really good flavor of what’s inside the program.  You can check out those videos over at
Is there a guarantee?
With any program at Sensible Woo, if you have extenuating life circumstances, all you have to do is reach out to me and we’ll work out an arrangement that benefits you.  However, I believe in this program so much, I will help you get over those hurdles because I *know* the program creates a better business.
How much time does this take each month/week/day?
As with anything in life, what you put in is what you get out.  You’ll be able to see the length of each video inside the program and they are broken down into super digestible chunks, so you won’t be glued to your laptop for hours on end.  You get to choose how deeply you do any of the modules.  For example, with inventory, you can do a light inventory or dig deep and get into financial planning for your business with technology upgrades.  Most importantly, however, once you know how to do these things, you’re going to want to do them in your business moving forward, so they are skills that you can build up over time.
What if I'm just starting out?
While most participants at Sensible Woo tend to have some history in their businesses, there are quite a few “newbies” who join us.  If you recognize that this is a weak spot and you’re ready to do the work, this program is a great fit.  The lessons are not just for seasoned business owners, but they usually come at a time for business owners who have gone through some struggle already.  If you’re wise enough to avoid the struggle, my hat is off to you!
Do I need to learn how to code or do special techie things?
Absolutely not.  If you discover an untapped passion for coding when you start doing this program, then that is awesome!  But you do not have to be a computer science major and the program modules are designed for business leaders, not the IT department.
How long do I have access to the program site?

Forever and ever!  Use this program like a trusty resource in your business systems.

Ugh. I just don't want to take another course. What am I really signing up for here?
This is not a course… it’s a hands-on workshop for 6 months and it prepares you for deeper business development.  As a pre-mastermind program, it sets you up for higher value programs and allows you get more bang for your buck.  The workshop was deeply inspired by my own friends in our very high priced mastermind program — I saw how much they needed a foundation prerequisite and that was the inspiration for the Digital Feng Shui system.
What if I need more help than this?

Inside the program, you’ll have access to a private booking link with discounted hourly coaching rates.  You can also upgrade to a mastermind group or 1-on-1 coaching.

When does the enrollment period end?

This is an evergreen program, so you can enroll and begin at any time.