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The Incubator

How often are you hard on yourself because you STILL have not launched your offer or made progress on a major project?

How often do you get frustrated, angry, or burst into tears because you’re overwhelmed by all the things you have to do in your business?

And… how often do you blame these situations on your software, your systems, and your business tech?

What if I told you that you’re NOT alone?  And that it can be easier than you think?

The truth is, every entrepreneur experiences these same emotions.  And, surprisingly, very similar situations when it comes to building a real business that generates sustainable revenue.

The #1 barrier is most often found in lack of implementation… and sometimes accompanied by staying too long up your head so you don’t take action sooner.

Welcome to the safe place in your business journey where you
→  actively learn to apply systems thinking on all your projects
→  get the gentle pushes you need to get make your visions a reality.

Are you ready to be true to yourself in your business?

In the incubator, you get time & space to discover your own natural rhythms so that you make better decisions and manifest your intentions.

I recommend this program 100% to anyone looking to level up. Period. It’s taking all the shoulds, coulds, woulds and prioritizing them, doing the thing, marking it off the list AND asking and answering the hard questions of, “What do I really want, what’s the true vision, and how do I want to feel in moving towards it.” 

When I came to the Incubator, I felt discombobulated. So many rabbit holes and I checked out every damn one. I didn’t know where to start and ensure that I was being holistic and true to the vision. Depending on my mood or my to-do list, I was all over the place. 

What happened was, I got shit done. And in doing so, opened up deeper pathways that I always sensed were there, but couldn’t figure out how to see it in detail. Let alone be there. This isn’t an easy workshop. On the contrary – it’s difficult emotionally, mentally, and physically – yet it’s more akin to that difficult workout that leaves you feeling amazing, seen, and progressing, in community, towards your goals. 

Now I am more grounded. Not alone. And I have a sustainable path, y’all!!!! It’s the exhale I’ve been seeking. And while the ‘work’ continues, I do so in a different space, as a leader, as a member of a community, as someone who has the ability to build systems and containers that allow me to do the thing I want to do. 

Beth Salyers


imagine your business without the frustration…



showing up fully in your business every day, knowing that it’s automated in all the right places. You have time to exercise your creative muscles and interact with your clients without distraction.



being able to relax each day without fixing a software issue! When snags happen, you breeze through them with ease because you have all the pieces in place.



finally delegating this stuff off your plate… to someone who loves this kind of work. Even better, you know how to clearly ask for what you need and they deliver without your vision getting lost in translation.



what you’ll do with all this emotional calm and freedom from chaos. You can develop those higher priced programs, have deep conversations with your ideal clients, and show up in your fullest expression.

I thought I was a pirate ship navigating the high seas in my business. I learned through Incubator that I am on the port running all of Tortuga. If you’re not a Pirates of the Caribbean stan, you may not understand this reference, but I am. The most important thing I learned in Incubator is that the best way to learn a lesson is to reframe it, so I get excited about it. 

There is space and encouragement to rant, rave, be supportive, and learn (or recognize and re-learn) a concept. My Incubator class (jackets coming soon) was full of incredibly unique humans at many different levels of business across various industries, but fundamentally, we are the same. We were all on a journey to clean up our business house while working on ourselves. It’s a beautiful experience, and if you consider yourself a solid entrepreneur, I believe this is something you should take advantage of with my whole heart.

I was excited because I thought it would be systems and learning from Mary. What actually happened is I fixed myself (‘cause I’m the system keeping this together) and learned (AND TAUGHT) from my Incubator class. I figured out some major blocks and leaned into my Human Design to attach problems in an entirely different way.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m not a fan of math in any capacity. Now I have a monthly date with myself and some music to sit and examine my spending, my memberships, update my computer equipment and test everything so I can plan for upgrades thoughtfully. The weirdest part is I am actually enjoying it. Another interesting outcome is that I am now comfortable talking about myself and my business with others. 

Peya Robbins

How Do You Make This Your Reality?

You don’t do it alone.

You need to be with people that can encourage you AND lovingly push you into a state of action.

Implementation comes from accountability.

Accountability comes from community.

And that community is here at Sensible Woo.

I loved the step-by-step approach to setting up systems for my business and life. Between my full time job as a research team leader and associate professor at a university and my business… my calendar and email inbox used to be a nightmare. They are now manageable. Mary created wonderful space for us to tackle even unpleasant systems aspects like a tech inventory and disaster plan. With this foundation I feel that my business is finally ready to grow.  

Now I feel more grounded. I have better strategies for working out schedules that work for me (not the average white male) and systems in place that reduce overwhelm, distractions, and drain on my time.

Stefanie Robel

How Can You Transition From Chaos To Calm?

Knowing exactly the flow of your customer experience through your service pipeline.  Until you understand the ecosystem of your business backend, you’ll never be 100% sure that your clients are getting their best experience with you.

Confidently understanding the difference between marketing and business systems.  When you’re clear on what is a tool vs. what is a strategy, you can fix your issues and make bigger impacts.

Saving your business from endless bright, shiny objects that cost money… and that you never use.  How many subscriptions go unused or under-utilized?  When you really see how the puzzle pieces fit together, you’ll spend less overhead on software tools.

Being able to confidently and clearly communicate to your support staff what you are asking them to do for you.  No more back-and-forth miscommunications… how nice would it be to have your website done in half the time and under budget?  Imagine having a super clear plan for your virtual assistant to maximize their time and talents.

Showing up in your fullest expression, having the freedom to be creative, and knowing that your business foundation is supporting you the entire time.  You know which tools to use, which ones require support, and which ones you can fly with at a moment’s notice.

I would absolutely recommend this program to someone else. No matter what stage you are in your business, this deep dive into the fundamentals and basic structures provides a vehicle for maturity. Mary’s expertise in entrepreneurship and establishing structures is invaluable in the professional and nurturing space she creates for growth. I have learned a great deal about myself and about my business, and I feel truly blessed for having the opportunity.

A vital part of the program is the community of entrepreneurs you connect with. Mary sets the stage for encouragement, support, and nudging. With Mary’s guidance, we ask each other and ourselves the tough questions. I felt a bit frazzled and lost before taking this program. I felt as though my business was taking up too much of my time (7 days a week). I could see where I wanted to go, but I did not feel movement bringing me closer to my vision, despite all the hard work.

My biggest problem was that I could not see my biggest problem. I thought my problem was figuring out how to put systems in place to save time and energy, especially when curveballs get thrown my way. Mary helped me realize that I had not really clarified my vision. I was taking any work that came my way, without understanding how it would move me in relation to my vision. I learned that I was wasting time on some projects and marketing tools, because they detracted or moved me away from my vision.

I now know how to develop workflows for projects as well as for customer experience entering into my business. I now know how to examine my digital/technological inventory for redundancy, inefficiency, and data for decision making. I am more consistent with backing up data, and I teach my students about the importance of backing up data now, as well. My files and emails are better organized and more manageable. It is easier for me to find things.

I learned how beneficial Mary’s coaching style is for me!  I have networked with other participants, enriching my thinking and creating opportunities for collaboration.

I feel as though my business is a phoenix, rising out of frenetic, disorganized ashes. I am so excited about what lies ahead! 

Ann Welch

There are strategic steps to every goal

You need to know your business without assumptions and create the security required to scale and grow effectively… while still honoring your intuition and emotional confidence.

When you begin your business journey, you don’t know what you don’t know.  You try a bunch of stuff and see what sticks.

Then you learn some structure by watching others.  You copy formulas, you Google a lot of stuff, and YouTube becomes your BFF.

One day you realize you’re on a hamster wheel… going around and around.  The same problems keep resurfacing and the same sticky points keep getting more stuck.

This is not about copying someone’s formula (which won’t work 100% for you anyway).  It’s about tapping into your own rhythms and mastering the combination that works for YOU.

Would you like to implement your vision?

You are officially invited to take fast action in the Sensible Woo incubator.


I KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO do all. the. things.

You’re so excited to pursue your passion, but the ROI isn’t showing up fast enough.

You know you have a GREAT offer and GREAT clients, but you feel like it’s so hard to deliver in a way that matches your expectations.

You want to get to the “important stuff” but you’re stuck fixing technical bugs.

You feel confused about what is what and what goes where and how does it all get packaged for your client to purchase.

You need a framework to cut through the busy work and create emotional freedom around the things that should support you, not suck the life out of you.

Are you running a hobby or a business?

We’re in the business of solving problems.  And one of the best problems we can learn to solve is how to prevent entirely preventable “emergencies.”

When you learn to stop reacting and start making conscious plans… and then take action on those plans, you see incredible results.

Doing this on your own is often the biggest struggle.

Get started

Here’s What You Get Inside The Incubator

Twelve months (one full year) of live support in multiple formats.

Twice monthly group sessions with hot seats for each person in a two hour session.  (Recordings available if you miss a session.)

→ Small, intimate groups (8-10 members) for maximum attention & collective brain power.

A half day workshop, every other month, focusing on the theme for the month.  (Recording available if you miss a monthly “party” day.)

→ Full access to the Sensible Woo program library with guidance on what to use, when to use it, and how to implement.

→ Private booking link for individual coaching add-ons.

→ An integrated mix with Digital Feng Shui, Human Design, and accountability framework to help you take action now.

→ If you request something new, we’ll do our best to make it happen if it fits within the incubator framework.

What’s new in 2022…

The Incubator is expanding from 6 months to 12 months of support! This means you have more space & grace to finish implementing your visions.

The timing has also changed to start in April 2022 and end in March 2023. This is to help support you through the calendar year transition. Many alumni have said is an energetically stressful time of year when they would have liked the extra support.

→ We have more spaciousness for you to explore your Human Design this year and integrate it into your business strategies.

→ We will also be piloting a special track on using your systems to improve your personal & business finances. This is the space to work on things like money mindset, debt payoff, increasing your rates, and setting yourself for a more profitable year.

→ You also get a complementary membership in the Sensible Woo Coven. For 12 months, you will get a 1-on-1 Tarot & Akashic session with me each month. And, as always, group gatherings and an online membership portal with metaphysical resources.

Here’s the plan…

Schedule & Themes**

  • March 31:  Doors close.  All deposits due.
  • April 1 – 10:  Onboarding for the 2022 cycle.
  • April 12:  Welcome & Orientation call.*

Mastermind sessions are held at 12pm – 2pm PT ( 3pm – 5pm ET).*
Parties are held 10am – 2pm PT (1pm – 5pm ET).
All calls are recorded and available in your private member area.

→  April & May theme:  Clarity, goals, & habits

  • April 19:  First monthly group session  (2 hours)
  • April 30:  Monthly party – From Overwhelm to Om (4 hours)
  • May 10:  Second monthly group session (2 hours)
  • May 24: Finance + Systems pilot & Human Design office hours

→  June & July theme:  Honesty & Inventory

  • June 7:  First monthly group session (2 hours)
  • June 18:  Monthly party – Inventory accelerator (4 hours)
  • July 5:  Second monthly group session (2 hours)
  • July 19: Finance + Systems pilot & Human Design office hours

→  August & September theme:  Energy management & Backlogs

  • August 2:  First monthly group session (2 hours)
  • August 20:  Monthly party – Backlog & energy declutter (4 hours)
  • September 6:  Second monthly group session (2 hours)
  • September 20: Finance + Systems pilot & Human Design office hours

→  October & November theme:  Flow & Freedom

  • October 4:  First monthly group session (2 hours)
  • October 22:  Monthly party – Workflows for self & biz (4 hours)
  • November 1:  Second monthly group session (2 hours)
  • November 13-19… possibly a retreat of some sort, which you will be invited to! We need to see how the world is adjusting with the pandemic first.
  • November 22:  Finance + Systems pilot & Human Design office hours

→  December & January  theme:  Content & Planning

  • December 6:  First monthly group session (2 hours)
  • December 17:  Monthly party – Creation to manifestion (4 hours)
  • January 10: Second monthly group session (2 hours)
  • January 24: Finance + Systems pilot & Human Design office hours

→  February & March theme:  Strategic Planning

  • February 7:  First monthly group session (2 hours)
  • February 25:  Monthly party – Disaster planning (4 hours)
  • March 7:  Second monthly group session (2 hours)
  • March 21:  Finance + Systems pilot & Human Design office hours
  • March 31: Celebration Call

**This schedule is subject to change and we will do the best to accommodate all active members to the best of our abilities.

Would you like to implement your vision?

It’s time to take action!  Woo!


You’re ready to take action & manifest, but you’ve got questions…

I totally get it.  Here are some common ones:

Can I do a free trial?

There are no money back guarantees or trial periods at Sensible Woo.  So, if you’re feeling really indecisive, then I recommend you wait for a future cohort of the incubator.

Is there a guarantee?

There are no money back guarantees or trial periods at Sensible Woo.  So, if you’re feeling really indecisive, then I recommend you wait for a future cohort of the incubator.

We take off at a fast pace here and that will require your full commitment.  If you feel anything less, then that’s a clear indication now is not the time.  You will not receive make-up classes or refunds if you stop doing the work.

With that said, as with any program at Sensible Woo, if you have extenuating life circumstances, all you have to do is reach out to me and we’ll work out an arrangement that benefits you.  These circumstances involve your immediate life & death.

If you hit a struggle point during the incubator, rest assured that you will receive oodles of support & coaching.  I believe in this program so much, I will help you get over those hurdles because I *know* the program creates a better business.

How do the payments work?

As soon as you sign up for the incubator, your twelve monthly payments will begin, even if you’re enrolling early and the program hasn’t started yet.  You will be billed automatically via Podia each month and can use a credit or debit card to pay for your course.  Sorry, checks are not accepted and special invoicing is not available.  If you choose, Podia will allow you to pay-in-full for your course at a discounted rate of $10,000 (you will save $2,000 off the monthly rate).

When you sign up for the incubator, you’ll also sign a group coaching agreement.  If you choose to stop coming, payments will not stop.  You are agreeing to the full program at 12 months x $1000/month or 1 full payment of $10,000.  If any payment goes past 30 days overdue, you will cease having access to the group and online materials until you’re caught up.  Once you’ve paid in full, you’ll have lifetime access to the online courses.

Is there a payment plan?

If you don’t want to pay in full ($10,000), you can choose to pay 12 monthly payments of $1000 each (totaling $12,000).  There are no further discounts.

What is the time commitment?

You will have 4 – 8 hours of face-to-face time on Zoom with Mary and your group every month and recommended study materials in the online classroom.  Each module is split over a two month period following an A-B format as listed below:

  • Month A: one 2-hour mastermind session + one 4-hour “party” workshop.
  • Month B: one 2-hour mastermind session + one 2 hour special track on systems-based finance.
  • Online classroom materials range in length, but no more than 2-3 hours per month of self study time at your discretion.

As with anything, what you put in is what you get out… so if you need to implement parts of your projects & goals outside the 4-8 hours of meeting time, you’ll be coached through the process of time management.   Remember that the goal here is that you start implementing more & better so that you’re seeing a return on your investment while you’re inside the incubator.  This is not a passive experience.

What if I'm just starting out?

It is highly advisable that you have offer-market fit in your business, otherwise, you’ll probably feel frustrated at the pace or level of discussion.  What does “offer market fit” mean?  It means that you know who you serve and what you offer, even if it’s still quite a bit messy.  If you’re still figuring out what to sell, if you’re still in pilot stage, and if fewer than 3 people have bought your offer at full price, then you will feel better doing a smaller workshop.  You’ll get to incubator stage soon enough!  🙂

How big does my business have to be?

There isn’t a rule that you have to be making a threshold in revenue… however, I highly advise that you have offer-market fit in your business.  What does this mean? It means that you know who you serve and what you offer, even if it’s still quite a bit messy.  If you’re still figuring out what to sell, if you’re still in pilot stage, and if fewer than 3 people have bought your offer at full price, then you should work on those goals before enrolling in the incubator.  Most people in past incubators are either preparing to take their side hustle full time or currently make a fully time income from their business.

Do I need to learn how to code or do special techie things?

Absolutely not.  If you discover an untapped passion for coding when you start doing this program, then that is awesome!  But you do not have to be a computer science major and the program modules are designed for business leaders, not the IT department.

How long do I have access to the program site?

Upon completion of your total payment, forever and ever!  Use this program like a trusty resource in your business systems.

Ugh. I just don't want to take another course. What am I really signing up for here?

This is not a course… it’s a hands-on accountability & implementation group for 12 months and it prepares you for deeper business development.  You will get access the full Sensible Woo online classroom and recommended materials will be given to you on the schedule, but it’s always your choice if you want to complete those materials.

What if I need more help than this?

Inside the program, you’ll have access to a private booking link with discounted hourly coaching rates.  You can also upgrade to 1-on-1 VIP coaching.

When does the enrollment period end?

Doors close on the March 31, 2022.  Starting April 1, 2022, all Incubator clients will be onboarded for orientation the week of April 11.  If you don’t enroll by March 31, you will have to wait until enrollment opens again in early 2023 for the 2023 incubator cycle.

Can you open up a special cohort when I feel ready later in the year?

I always listen to my audience for demand and I never say never.  Which means, if there is enough demand mid-year, I will try to open a new cohort.  But at the time of the primary launch for April 1, 2022, there are no plans for this.  I would recommend take the leap and joining us for the 2022 cycle or you can wait for the 2023 cycle.

Let’s Do This Together!

Understanding the range of systems allowed me to prioritize my weekly work, and know those things that had to be done every week.  Know those things that have to be done every day. 

Even when you say, “I don’t have time for these systems,” over time you begin to understand not having time for these system requirements ultimately costs you ten times more in energy and time and resources.  

One of the beauties of what Mary does is that she tests out a range of software.  So, she kind of knows based on your temperament, also what’s going to be most effective from a financial point of view, in terms of investment. 

To make friends with process feels like the difference between breathing and not breathing…. And to also know that when you understand a system, you can make a system your friend.  [Having everything organized] effortlessly… allows you to do what I call putting a period at the end of a sentence.

Cheryl Woodruff

Book Mavericks

Mary is a powerhouse of talents and you think that you’ll come to this program with one outcome, but you’ll come out with much more.

I’m pretty tech savvy, and I’m in love with buying software and trying it out, but my stuff is everywhere.

If I can’t make sense of life in its analogue form, how can I organize my tech?

As I work with Mary, she brings her understanding of tech, her wisdom and organizational skills as a librarian, and her energy and intuitiveness as a Tarot reader to help you make sense of the chaos.

I’ve started to see what is worth focusing my energy on, and I’m clearing out the cobwebs by organizing my business and creating systems, one day at a time.

I wish I had had this kind of program years ago when I started, and I’m happy to finally start getting a handle on things.

It’s great to work with someone who allows you to dig deep into your hard drive, and your soul!

Kristen Lepine Dos Santos

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