Because your first system is you.

Would you like to connect with your inner systems?

When we work in our businesses, we must first learn how we operate as the unique individuals that we are.  There is no software fancy enough and no mastermind program grand enough to replace the connection to yourself.

This package is a totally different take on the traditional readings that we have come to know and love. In over 15  years of my experience, giving general Tarot & Akashic Records readings, I noticed that every person had difficulty tapping into the core of what they seek to address in the reading.

In this experience, you receive a written report that pulls heavily from your Human Design, alonside key aspects of your astrology birth chart, your lifepath numerology, and your Tarot birth cards.  Then, you cap off your experience with a live Tarot & Akashic reading.

Readings with Mary are always very insightful and help me find clarity in thoughts, ideas, instincts that may be festering within–she’s very intuitive and she has a gentle way of guiding you and reflecting with you. I’m so grateful for her energy, intuition and candor… and with a fabulous sense of humor to boot!

Prior to the reading, there have bene instinctual flashes of some new ideas that have had me puzzled and curious. The conversation with Mary helped me frame these and also bring them into higher consciousness so that I could spend more time really processing them.

Mary has a keen ability to connect–even when it’s a new relationship. She’s respectful of one’s spiritual space and is adept as supporting one along in his/her journey–even when there may be difficult questions or considerations at play. I trust her implicitly and highly respect her gift.

Stephanie A.

Working with Mary was incredible, she is the real deal y’all. She was able to do more for me with the single reading I had with her than I have been able to do for myself in a decade of personal development. I had several aha moments throughout the reading and continue to have aha moments long after. I got some very important permission to slow down and replenish myself in ways that I hadn’t thought of before. Also, I was given half a dozen ways to support my desired growth and development that have continued to reveal themselves to me in the days since my reading.

Mary was able to give me insight and clarity in several categories of my life which brought me new perspectives on how I’m approaching some categories and immense peace in other categories. Mary held space for me in just the way I needed it most and I get the sense that she’s extraordinary at holding unique space for each person she works with. In the time we spent together I laughed so hard I cried, I shared important things that were met with deep understanding and I was unburdened of some very old confusion around how to move forward for my best outcome. I’m so grateful for the many blessings that came from meeting with her. She’s got a new forever client!

Megan G.

You will need to provide me with the following:

In order to give you the most precise report & readings, I will need accurate information from you.

This means, that if you don’t know all of this information yet, your reading might be a little more generic or might take longer to deliver to you.

Your birth date (day/month/year)
Your birth time… exactly, down to the minute.
Your birth location (city/state, country)

“You will be blown away at the insight Mary is able to share with you. I had questions answered that I didn’t even bring up to her! You’ve got to experience her readings. It will change your life forever!”