Find Your Words + Break Through Blocks

Mentor Time With Mary


*picture this*

A Warm Hug of Stillness Greets you as you wake up refreshed with a type of confidence that only comes from deep clarity about where you and your day is headed.

You don’t glance at the clock as you start your self care rituals as you sink into the knowing that you have all the time and energy to do the slow and bougie version of your morning while your daily routines are fully supported with new payment notifications rolling in.

From pouring the freshly brewed cup of artisan coffee. To pulling an oracle card not desperate for answers, but just curious for ideas because you know your system has your back.

The best part? (outside of the first sip 😉 )

  • No one is expecting you on camera for a Zoom call, which gives you ample time to settle into your day with serenity by your side.  
  • You actually get excited to open GoogleCal knowing it’s been hectic-life-proofed to one that is molded to your ideal non-linear productivity & flow.
  • You aren’t exhausted by yet another meeting during your day, and you feel good about your productive working session because you know that your systems were fully supported with as much contact as you wanted for coaching & support.

If this 🙌 is the ideal vision you’ve etched in your quarterly planning notes for too long… then you’re in the right place.

This is the vision that every oddball (yet optimistic) semi-seasoned entrepreneur has and the one that I hold for you as you step into mentorship with me.

Even if you feel like a hot mess today, you can feel it in your bones that this is actually possible.

You haven’t given up on your vision, you actually feel even more committed.

You know that you’re ready to change old, ingrained patterns that once served a purpose, but now it’s time for the release.  Rather than taking actions that seem to gain you an inch, you’re ready to take actions each day that will gain you a mile.  It is doable, achievable, and doesn’t have to disrupt your life in order to manifest as a reality.

Confidently open the floodgates to more clients & cashflow with peace of mind knowing your unlimited consulting time has your now-consistently-regulated back.

*mic drop* You are your best system.

*mic drop x 2* It’s time to ditch the dream that someone has a better solution for you… Than you.

Pre-built does not equal predictable sales or a sustainable streamlined workflow for years to come…

Otherwise, that $X program would have ‘fixed’ you.

You don’t need fixing, you just need to crack your code by talking it out and finding your words.

When you can use your words effectively, you can solve any problem.


You get to talk with me Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) and you can talk as much as you want! 

I’ve had some clients who leave me multiple messages in a day and others that are very quick and leave very few messages.  It is entirely your choice. 

I will respond to you at least 1x daily with a full reply based on the messages you have left up to that point.

The chat thread accommodates both voice notes as well as typed text notes. 

I also provide 1 audit for you per month… the most popular so far has been finding focus in social media content.

It’s that simple… Yes. Really.

➡️ Pay attention to the application form, below… It will ask you to choose a focus for your coaching month. 

We can change this anytime, but you’ll experience a lot of accountability from me that forces you to focus and

get 👏 your 👏 work 👏 done.

Current rates for Summer 2024:

$497/month or $997/quarter

either option billed on a recurring subscription until you cancel


your new Work(Play)Day:




No 4am wake up club or jumping out of bed straight into work where things happen to you instead of being in control around your capacity for the day. Hint: you actually are more productive by giving your intuition space to breathe so you can really feel into your day free from the 93 Google Calendar and Slack Notifications that turn your phone into what feels like a hot doctor from the 90’s hospital show pager. You track your somatics, your focus, and your money & metrics to build a bridge and connect your feelings with your actions.


Mid Day...

Being able to relax into your chair without having to start your work day putting out another virtual fire or software issue! When snags happen, you breeze through them with ease because you have the time & energy to process your thoughts, find your words, and talk with me through the Voxer app about what you need support with today.

With strong time blocks and boundaries on your energy, you’ve freed yourself from the extra coaching meeting on your calendar that you used to cram in out of desperation. And now you have time to move your body & engage in your rituals that help you solve problems faster. 



Move over the routine afternoon breakdown in tears from feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do in your business… to feeling confident about your progress. Now you have white space you’ve been *dying for* to develop those hot offers and deep convos with your ideal clients. You’re able to close the laptop without reopening it two seconds later for that ‘one task’ you forgot to do… repeated half a dozen times. You know what it’s like to have choices and your reply from me in the Voxer app gives you the control you’ve been craving to work with your coaching feedback on your own time schedule.



This is *your* time when you complete your witchy rituals for the day, satisfy your love of life long learning, or simply veg out with the latest Netflix Top 10 to keep up with pop culture trends. You indulge in your favorite skin care routine before tucking into bed with a juicy book or your favorite guided meditation, which you’re enjoying on a new 45 day record streak. 

The difference between this being your everyday… TODAY?

Is when it comes to building a real business that generates sustainable revenue.

The #1 barrier is most often found in lack of implementation.

And sometimes accompanied by staying too long up in your head so you don’t take action sooner.

Welcome to the safe place in your business journey where you

→  actively learn to use your words for clarity on all your projects


→  get the gentle pushes you need to get make your visions a reality.

It’s time to do this differently.



Ethics are a requirement

Together we ask the tough questions. And discuss more fragile/personal, but needed to be shared issues, like the ones I see so often in the online space.

Ones that have made me adamant about creating a corner of the coaching universe that consciously aims to eliminate predatory sales & coaching practices. Even before we work together, I will hold the space for you to return to your executive state and I will never sell anything to you when you are clearly in fight or flight.  

As a survivor of narcissistic and financial abuse, my goal is that Sensible Woo is a safe haven where people make investments with regulated nervous systems

You deserve the patience and respect it takes to make an investment decision in your business. Which is the main driver on why I utilize extra long sales windows and share the importance of checking in with your gut & Human Design authority type.

Listen, everyone is on a personal journey and entrepreneurship will ask you to confront all the dark and dusty spaces of your personal self development.  This is why I make your mental health a primary focus in our time together making this community of students and past alum have a safe space that fully honors all walks of life and people.

While empowering you to break free from codependency in coaching so that whether you’re with the Incubator or not, you are fully empowered to feel fully confident in your daily decisions and keep your focus instead of falling back into patterns of spinning your wheels.  By creating and feeling a rhythm to discover your own personal patterns through systems-based business growth, you’ll fully embody your role as the leader forever in your business.


To all my Business Witches…

I help offbeat 🙋🏻‍♀️ semi-seasoned entrepreneurs who identify as heart-centered and a bit of a witch while feeding their lifelong learning gene by hopping from Notion templates and Tarot spreads to new productivity books looking for The One. 

The solution designed for your squiggly brain experience, to keep you a little more sane while dealing with 3D problems like trying to guesstimate how long tasks will ACTUALLY take to get done while ping ponging from google cal to paper agenda making the idea of Time Management feel like a sweet but distant dream. Putting on the metaphorical big girl CEO Pants and actually FEELING like you are one while you navigate the sticky parts of business in between social media procrastination scrolls. From difficult conversations or big decisions. To accepting, grieving and finally unsubscribing from a past mentor’s plan for you that didn’t match up with the way you want to enjoy your business AND life. 

Going beyond completing to-do’s or having your calendar system streamlined, you need support tuning in and trusting the subtle but silently SCREAMING gut instinct or intuition inside. You’ve had nudges before on what to do, but don’t act on them because of doubt running in the background.

That works with your life both behind the laptop where you help other people create more spaciousness in their own lives & businesses and FOR you while you’re offline at your self care rituals.

The one that whole heartedly fits all of their genius with all of their ideas and big heart with a slight sailor’s mouth into a place they can stick with long term.


You are your best system

Before you roll your eyes at *ugh this is another coaching offer that won’t work like all the others* – I want to offer you the question, why is that?

If you were able to make more progress without having to spread yourself to the bone to do so, would you?

(This is not a ‘we all have the same 24 hours a day as Beyonce we just got to use it right’ talk).

If the answer is yes then it’s not a matter of time but perception.

The perception that in order to get what you want is having to sacrifice another part of your life like time and energy with loved ones to do so.

If you were to look at your calendar right now, how much of it is consumed by draining Zoom meetings? Or does it still feel like ‘fill in where you can’ activities to squeeze in between video calls and client work?

With the path you’re heading does it feel like the vision at the top of the page is achievable or slowly fading further into the distance?

This is a systems-regulating mentorship disguised as a business coaching container.

You are saving present and future versions of yourself a life free from the story that every entrepreneur carries, which is ‘a part of me deep down feels guilty for being “selfish” about creating more flexibility & time that is ultimately for myself rather than for things like childcare, caregiving, over delivering for clients, or doing things to keep up appearances like attending business groups with low ROI.’

Saving the hundreds of hours spent wasting away with new planners that somehow end up getting filled in a blink of an eye.

Saving the hundreds of dollars spent from not setting clear boundaries and pricing yourself for pennies.

Saving the part of your soul that yearns for the confidence that your choices are smart ones that fulfill your desires as well as your bottom line.

Because the honest truth is… dedicating energy and time for your future vision is what will get you to where you ultimately want to be, rather than merely satisfying the constraints of today.

See how that feels in your body, that’s what I do with my clients by mentoring them asynchronously through voice notes.

Get started

Take the first step and apply for mentoring


You’re ready to take action & manifest, but you’ve got questions…

Right Person
  • How big does my business have to be?

  • What if I’m just starting out?

  • Do I need to learn how to code or do special techie things to solve my systems?

  • Ugh. I just don’t want to take another course or aimless coaching. What am I really signing up for here?

Any of these questions rattling around in your brain space while you consider getting help with me?  You’re not alone! They’re pretty common thoughts and questions.  Here’s what I can tell you about successful clients from my years of coaching & consulting:  They’re “semi-seasoned” which means they’ve made a bit of consistent money so far, most of them are breadwinners in their household or treat themselves as such.  Most of them are solidly making 5 figures with clear goals and desires for hitting the 6 figure revenue milestone.  Even when they’re making big pivots or releasing new offers, this ain’t their first rodeo, so piloting a new offer or selling to make money isn’t a foreign activity.  There’s a common mindset amongst my clients and that is a total responsibility for their commitment to business.  If you’re still figuring out “what you want to be when you grow up” in your entrepreneurship journey, working with me will mostly likely feel really fast paced and frustrating.  I don’t want that for you!  I believe everyone deserves the right mentor for them I will never lie to you about how I work.  It’s *not* a beginner’s service, but it *is* for you if you’re feeling the feels, maybe a smidge nervous, but in your gut you know you’re all in.

Right Time
  • I feel like I barely have time for all the work that’s already on my plate aka what is the time commitment?
  • I’ve tried working with coaches before, I just get lose focus and then I stop communicating or trying. How do I know that after the first month this is still the right container for me?
  •  Can you open up a special group for when I feel ready later and make it cheaper?

Don’t you just love the human experience and our relationship with time?  🫠  One of the reasons I hold rolling applications for mentorship is because I know most people have a Human Design authority that requires more time to make decisions.  So, I encourage you to take your time and focus on regulating your nervous system!  Feel all of your feelings.  Question them.  Look at the testimonials on my website.  Be bold and fill out the answers on the application form so that I can reply to you with some suggestions on what to do next.  A lot of times you will yearn to feel seen, heard, and acknowledged, but that also leaves you feeling really vulnerable… and so we think of questions like these.  They’re ways for us to gracefully decline the discomfort.  The funny thing about progress is that it’s always on the other side of some discomfort… but what all of my alumni clients have learned is that discomfort can be an interesting place.  It’s a place full of curiosity and growth… and magic.   With all that said, I am adament that I will not sell any offers to anyone in fight or flight, so if you find that your nervous system just doesn’t want to move forward right now, know that it is OK and you can come back later when the time is right.


“I’ve spent money on coaching like this before and didn’t get my money’s worth.”

  • “I’ve tried other programs before… even systems stuff.  I reject every system.  It doesn’t work for me.”


  • “What if I need more help than this?”

  • “I can get productivity help from books. I’m all set, thanks.”

  • “So-and-so has an amazing marketing team, so that’s where I should spend my dollars… this won’t work better.”

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room:  All offers at Sensible Woo, including this one, have a NO REFUNDS policy… so if your nervous system is giving you a lot of resistence and you honestly cannot move past that, I encourage you to take a breather and just watch the Sensible Woo space until you are in a place of making sound decisions for yourself.  The reason I have a no refunds policy is because once we get started, I develop a system of trust with you and I’m fully invested in your outcomes… and it happens FAST.  It’s super disruptive to yourself whenever you to hop in and out of a coaching container when trust is being formed for an inclusive and safe space.  My alumni clients who have made the biggest growth committed fully — they showed up regularly (not perfectly… more like the 80/20 principle), they learned how to cheer themselves on, they showed up and did the work.  I know that the Universe will not give you what you cannot handle, so in order to grow your business, you have to create systems that support an increase in your ability to receive.  You can eventually get that through other materials and programs, but people in the Sensible Woo community definitely do this at a faster rate with deeper breakthroughs.

All the Rest
  • Payments: Payment Plans & How Payments Work

  • How long do I have access to you on Voxer?

  • When does the enrollment period end?

Mentoring with me costs $497 per month (or $997 per quarter – that’s 3 months).  Whichever you choose, all payments are non-refundable.  You get access to me on Voxer within 24 business hours after completing your registration.  However, you must first submit the application form because I only take a certain number of clients each quarter so that you get maximum attention from me.  When there are too many clients, you don’t get as much from me and I like you to get as much as possible!  You’ll also find the application form encourages you to negotiate with me… Do you have an idea to sweeten the deal for you?  Propose it!  You’ll be pretty surprised how much I’ll do with you when you use your words and tell me what you want.

“What got me here won’t get me there…

Let’s do this!”