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The Last of Us is a Business Story: Gaming Insights with Ashlan Glazier-Anderson

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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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On this episode of The School of Moxie Podcast, join host Mary Williams and guest Ashlan Glazier-Anderson as they delve into the proverbial game world of entrepreneurship, adapting to change, and drawing parallels between the hit video game & television series “The Last of Us” and real-life business experiences. 

In a candid conversation, they reflect on how the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic mirror the apocalyptic setting of the game, highlighting the lessons entrepreneurs can learn from both. From embracing adaptability to recognizing the value of shifting resources, they discuss strategies for thriving in changing landscapes. 

Ashlan, a seasoned entrepreneur and gamer, shares her insights on problem-solving skills gained from gaming and how they translate to business success. With intriguing anecdotes and thought-provoking observations, Mary and Ashlan explore the profound impact of storytelling and gameplay mechanics on personal growth and business strategy. 

Tune in to level up your entrepreneurial journey with lessons from “The Last of Us.”

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Quote from the episode

One of the things that I have learned in journeying in life is that not everybody stays with you. Sometimes, for whatever reason, there will be people who enter and exit in your life. There are some very, very important stories and pieces that form your identity. But they might not stay with you forever and that is totally okay.
~ Ashlan Glazier-Anderson, Founder & CEO of Ash Bean PDX Marketing

Discussed in this episode

  • The Covid-10 pandemic transformed all of us in both difficult ways and very fruitful ways that helped our businesses grow.
  • How playing video games teaches you problem solving skills.
  • How to engage with the television series based on the video game with the same benefits.
  • Allocating resources is something you can practice in a fictional scenario, which gives you more resilience when you do it in real life.
  • You’re going to fail, whether it’s dying in a video game or simply ending up down a dead end in business, but those experiences are meant to teach us valuable lessons for the next round.
  • You can’t stand still and engaging with a game or TV series can help you take a small action that has little risk or investment.
  • There are seasons for all things and some things or people are not meant to last forever in your journey.

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Host & Guest information

Ashlan Glazier-Anderson

Ashlan works with small business owners and nonprofits who are looking to grow and scale their operations to increase their impact. She helps people by focusing on their marketing and communications, developing a strategy, keeping the effort consistent, and reaching their ideal customer or client. Her agency executes on marketing strategy, provides coaching, and is working on their do-it-yourself resources and courses. Learn more about Ashlan on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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