Season 01, Episode 04

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The Last of Us is a Business Story: Thriving Beyond Comfort Zones with Megan Graves

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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Summary description

After warming up into the series episodes, this week we delve into the post-apocalyptic world of “The Last of Us” by starting our episodic discussions.  This episode centers around the first episode in the television series, “When You’re Lost in the Darkness” and we’ll use it to uncover the unexpected lessons it holds for entrepreneurs. 

Host Mary Williams is joined by special guest Megan Graves as they explore the parallels between surviving in a world overrun by infected creatures and navigating the complexities of modern business.

Megan and Mary draw intriguing insights from the characters’ journeys, particularly focusing on Joel and Ellie’s evolution as they journey through a dangerous landscape. Just as Joel initially resists embracing change due to his traumatic past, many entrepreneurs tend to stick with familiar patterns even when they might hinder growth. The podcast examines the significance of finding a purpose greater than fear and pain, and how that relates to both character arcs and real-world business decisions.

The hosts delve into the concept of community-building, comparing the quarantine zones in the game to business environments where staying within one’s comfort zone is commonplace. They highlight the importance of expanding horizons, embracing change, and seeking out new perspectives to foster growth. Megan discusses the shift from the traditional coaching pyramid model to a more community-based approach, emphasizing the value of genuine support and abundance over competition.

Tune in this week to gain insights into recognizing performative behaviors, acknowledging trauma, and transforming fear into motivation. Join the conversation to break free from limiting beliefs and take a courageous step toward self-awareness. By fostering meaningful relationships, both personal and professional, entrepreneurs can create a positive, thriving environment that encourages abundance and resilience.

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Quote from the episode

When you can change your focus to the people and everybody’s well being and welfare and abundance, then it really shifts the tone, the energy, and the vibe of how people show up every day. And abundance has no other option but to show up.

~ Megan Graves, Founder & CEO of Megan Graves Coaching

Discussed in this episode

  • Parallels between “The Last of Us” post-apocalyptic world and the challenges of modern entrepreneurship.
  • Joel and Ellie’s character arcs as reflections of embracing change and overcoming trauma.
  • Finding a purpose beyond fear and pain as a driving force for growth.
  • The significance of community-building and expanding comfort zones.
  • Transition from the traditional coaching model to a community-based approach.
  • Abundance and genuine support as keys to healthy business environments.
  • Recognizing performative behaviors and the impact of trauma on decision-making.
  • Transforming fear into motivation and breaking free from limiting beliefs.
  • Navigating change, discomfort, and finding resilience as an entrepreneur.
  • Building meaningful relationships for a positive, thriving business ecosystem.

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Guest information

Megan Graves

Megan works with CEOs and their staff to improve operations, communication between team members and management, leadership skills, efficiency in tackling projects and daily tasks, accomplishments of both short and long-term career goals, and execution of responsibilities.  Connect with her on her website and LinkedIn.

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