Season 01, Episode 05

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The Last of Us is a Business Story: Lessons from Tess & Joel Sarah Allyn Bauer

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Friday, September 1, 2023

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Ready to talk about pivotal relationships? Join us as we dive into the world of “The Last of Us” and uncover the unexpected parallels it holds with the world of entrepreneurship. Our host Mary Williams and guest Sarah Allyn Bauer explore the journey of Tess and Joel, reflecting on their transformation from a surviving duo to the emergence of new connections.

We explore the intricate bond between characters Tess and Joel, drawing lessons from their resilience and partnership. Through the lens of fiction, we unravel the importance of adapting to uncertain situations, meeting challenges with patience, and finding beauty in the midst of chaos. 

Join us in uncovering how the journey of these characters sheds light on the entrepreneurial landscape, offering valuable insights for navigating relationships, business challenges, and the pursuit of hope. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that bridges the gap between storytelling and business acumen.

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Quote from the episode

The relationship that Tess and Joel have is just amazing. They both lost so much, and yet they have found each other, and they’re both okay with their insecurities and…They have patience for it.

~ Sarah Allyn Bauer, Founder & CEO of Break the Glass

Discussed in this episode

  • Embracing uncertain situations in business and life.
  • The bond between characters Tess and Joel.
  • Reflections on the complexity of relationships in fiction and reality.
  • Extracting business lessons from storytelling and character dynamics.
  • Meeting challenges and uncertainties with patience and adaptability.
  • The significance of building supportive networks in both personal and professional realms.
  • Transforming ugly realities into beautiful experiences in business.
  • The impact of external factors on entrepreneurial journeys.
  • Recognizing the value of understanding customers’ preferences.
  • Navigating through unexpected twists and turns in both storytelling and entrepreneurship.

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Sarah Allyn Bauer

Break the Glass exists to help growing businesses, nonprofits, and individuals excel in the ever changing social media landscape. Connect with Sarah on her website, IMDB, Instagram + Facebook, additional Instagram + Facebook.

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