Season 01, Episode 07

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The Last of Us is a Business Story: Communities and Leadership Lessons with Tonya Kubo

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Summary description

Host Mary Williams engages in a thought-provoking conversation with special guest Tonya Kubo as they unravel the layers of post-apocalyptic drama and its profound impact on human behavior.

“The Last of Us,” known for its gripping storytelling, vividly illustrates the breakdown of structured society. As a community designer, Tonya shares her insights on the importance of creating safe structures within both communities and businesses, drawing parallels between the challenges faced in the series and those encountered in the entrepreneurial world.

This episode dives into the complex moral negotiations portrayed in “The Last of Us,” highlighting the value of various characters and questioning the basis of their worth in dire circumstances. It’s a reflection of how humans can oscillate between heroes and villains when facing adversity, a phenomenon that echoes in both post-apocalyptic settings and business communities.

This discussion offers entrepreneurs valuable insights into setting themselves apart by approaching challenges uniquely and considering the consequences of their choices.

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Quote from the episode

We see these humans negotiate their morals left and right. And for me, what this shows to me is part of why I’m so passionate about designing community. I want a structure where people can thrive. I want to be the person who sets up the structure that’s safe.

~ Tonya Kubo, Founder & CEO of

Discussed in this episode

  • Exploring the parallels between post-apocalyptic drama and entrepreneurship.
  • The emotional impact of The Last of Us and its relevance to human behavior.
  • The breakdown of structured society in post-apocalyptic settings.
  • The value of setting up safe structures in both communities and businesses.
  • The role of humans as both heroes and villains in challenging situations.
  • The importance of viewing content outside one’s comfort zone to stimulate new perspectives.
  • How entrepreneurs can differentiate themselves by handling challenges uniquely.
  • The consequences of community upheaval and its relevance in business communities.
  • The impact of individual choices on the development of communities.
  • The power of storytelling in driving home complex concepts in business and community dynamics.

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Guest information

Tonya Kubo

Tonya’s agency offers community strategy and management services to impact-driven business owners and organizations. They also provide consulting and training services for professional community managers and admin teams.  Connect with Tonya at her website, Facebook group, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook.

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