Season 01, Episode 10

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The Last of Us is a Business Story: Survival and Self-Discovery with Madeline Reeves

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Summary description

In this week’s episode, join host Mary Williams and special guest Madeline Reeves as we explore the complex tapestry of identity and self-discovery within the backdrop of a challenging world.

Discover the pivotal role of community and communal living, as we draw lessons from the characters’ resilience in the face of adversity. We unravel the intricate duality of human nature, both light and dark, and how relationships can shape one’s survival and growth.

As we reflect on the characters’ journeys, we find striking parallels to the challenges we face in our own lives. Join us in a conversation about the importance of affirmation and validation, and how these elements influence our choices and growth. We delve into the role of inner work and self-reflection in personal development, offering valuable insights into navigating change, resilience, and the multifaceted nature of human existence.

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Quote from the episode

I think the ones who are willing to reflect back and be candid, those are the people who I think will survive and sustain because there’s a level of humility and a level of ego death that has to happen in order for you to do that work. We have a deep desire to be real with each other and it’s really hard to be real when you’re clinging to an identity that isn’t entirely true.

~ Madeline Reeves, Founder & CEO of Fearless Foundry

Discussed in this episode

  • Identity and self-discovery in a challenging world.
  • The importance of community and communal living.
  • Reflection on the duality of human nature, both light and dark.
  • Relationships and their impact on survival.
  • Navigating change and growth in the midst of chaos.
  • The significance of affirmation and validation.
  • Lessons from pop culture on resilience and adaptation.
  • The parallels between fictional apocalyptic scenarios and real-life challenges.
  • The role of inner work and self-reflection in personal growth.
  • The lasting impact of cultural experiences during the pandemic.

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Guest information

Madeline Reeves

The core of Maddy’s work centers on branding and business coaching, as well as developing go to market strategies. Her company also helps companies build new websites, as well as content marketing. You can connect with Maddy through her website, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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