Season 01, Episode 12

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The Last of Us is a Business Story: Embracing Messy Endings with Erica Courdae (part 1)

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Summary description

In this week’s episode, we delve into the thought-provoking themes and powerful life lessons inspired by the acclaimed TV series, “The Last of Us.” Join our host, Mary Williams, in a stimulating conversation with Erica Courdae, an expert in discussing complex topics. Unpack the changing dynamics of identity, survival, and leadership as they relate to the show’s unforgettable characters.

Discover the parallels between the fictional world of “The Last of Us” and our own lives. Explore the profound impact of messy endings and the importance of authentic self-expression in business and personal growth. Get inspired by the characters’ evolution and how it mirrors the changes we experience throughout our entrepreneurial journeys.

We examine the intriguing concept of long-form content’s resurgence in a world dominated by short messages and why it’s essential for understanding the depth of human experiences. This episode is filled with thought-provoking insights on navigating complex topics and the transformative power of genuine conversations. Don’t miss this engaging and enlightening discussion on the School of Moxie podcast, where we embrace life’s messy endings and explore the ever-evolving journey of identity and success.

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Quote from the episode

It was symbolically an ending and that’s kind of what we’re doing. But yet, we’re almost creating an ending like, can something end here to figure out what else we can start? And I really like figuring out the energy of what else can happen because something has to end and be composted in order to start something else. What can we put to bed?

~ Erica Courdae, Founder & CEO of Pause on the Play

Discussed in this episode

  • Identity and Change: Analyzing the transformation of characters in “The Last of Us” and its relevance to real-life identity shifts.
  • Performative Actions: The discussion on the performative nature of behaviors and the need for genuine self-expression.
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations: Insights on handling complex topics as entrepreneurs, inspired by the TV series.
  • The Impact of Messy Endings: How the show reflects the complexities of life’s conclusions and how businesses can learn from this.
  • Evolving Relationships: The dynamics between Joel and Ellie and how it mirrors the evolving landscape of business and identity.
  • The Role of Leadership: Examining the characters’ leadership styles and how they evolve in response to challenging circumstances.
  • Long-Form Content Resurgence: The importance of long-form content in an era of short, concise messages.
  • Personal Growth: Delving into the personal growth of the characters in “The Last of Us” and its implications for real-life personal development.
  • Self-Preservation vs. Sacrifice: The complex balance between preserving oneself and sacrificing for a greater good.
  • Navigating Life’s Gray Areas: The need to appreciate the nuances of human experiences and the complexity of personal growth.

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Guest information

erica Courdae

Erica supports Imperfect Allys in taking imperfect action. She facilitates a space where you can ask questions and admit you don’t have all the answers — maybe even any of them at all. She’s here to help you become a more inclusive leader without letting the perfection trap get in your way. Figuring out how you can move from implicit to explicit® values, evolve the way we show up for ourselves and others, and to grow our influence, together. She holds this space through coaching + consulting, the Pause on the Play® podcast, and the Pause on the Play® community.  Connect with Erica at her website, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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