Season 01, Episode 14

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The Last of Us is a Business Story: Entertainment Evolution with Stephanie Ayars

Publish Date

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Summary description

In this week’s episode, join host Mary Williams and special guest Stephanie Ayars dive deep into the emotional and thematic aspects of The Last of Us, shedding light on its compelling narrative.

Stephanie Ayers, a seasoned expatriate living in France, shares her personal journey, showcasing the resilience and determination required to thrive in a foreign country. The episode explores how the entertainment industry influences our lives, from business ventures to cultural perceptions.

Moreover, it delves into the similarities between the characters Joel and Ellie in “The Last of Us” and the challenges faced in real life, emphasizing the value of stubborn determination and adaptation.

Throughout the conversation, the hosts highlight the impact of storytelling, both in gaming and in business. They celebrate the community-building power of podcasts and the profound moments of gratitude in daily life.

This episode is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of career goals and the inspiration that can be drawn from both entertainment and real-life experiences.

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Quote from the episode

I think the curiosity for me is a response to then say, “May I invite you to think about what are the reasons why you can’t or won’t do it?” And of course, there are the realities of people’s lives where they have dependents who need them. They have commitments, they have aging parents, they have, you know, communities, they have comfort zones. But the individuals who may not have the same constraints, who may actually have that freedom; And, and in particular, those individuals, when I speak to them, it’s fascinating because I do think it’s an invitation to explore fear and fear in our own lives.

~ Stephanie Ayars, Founder & CEO of Alchimie Marketing

Discussed in this episode

  • The Last of Us – A Powerful Tale: Exploring the depth and emotional resonance of the popular video game.
  • Living Abroad – Stephanie’s Journey: Delving into Stephanie Ayers’ personal experiences as an expatriate in France.
  • The Intersection of Entertainment and Business: Examining how the entertainment industry influences other aspects of life, including business and culture.
  • Resilience and Determination: How Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us embody qualities that parallel real-life challenges.
  • The Value of Stubborn Determination: The importance of relentless pursuit in both creative and business ventures.
  • Embracing Change: Adapting to new environments and thriving in foreign cultures.
  • Community Building: Recognizing the impact of podcasting and creative content in bringing people together.
  • Gratitude in Daily Life: Reflecting on the small and big moments that shape one’s journey.
  • The Evolution of Career Goals: How personal aspirations change over time, leading to new paths and growth.
  • The Role of Entertainment and Inspiration: Discussing the power of storytelling in motivating people to overcome challenges.

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Guest information

STephanie Ayars

Stephanie started ALCHIMIE because she has an endless passion for entrepreneurship and a natural curiosity about new ideas. She has been in marketing for more than two decades, with several years running two of her own businesses. Stephanie has had the honor of being a part of brand new companies, companies celebrating an IPO, and world-renowned companies with offices around the globe. During the pandemic, Stephanie followed her dreams to France, where she now lives and works. You can connect with Stephanie on her website and LinkedIn.

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