Season 01, Episode 17

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Crafting a Podcast Journey with The Last of Us for Season 1

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Step behind the scenes of the School of Moxie podcast with host Mary Williams as she unravels the tapestry of creativity, analogies, and business insights that shape this groundbreaking series. Mary, a seasoned online creator and business systems coach, unveils the journey from weaving analogies to solve business puzzles to the evolution of her content creation strategies. Engage in a candid exploration of how she’s used analogical thinking, encouraged authentic connections with the audience, and normalized the creative process through real-time experiences shared by her guests.

Discover the podcast’s unique approach, diving deep into Season One of the HBO original series ‘The Last of Us,’ wielding spoilers as a tool for comprehensive discussions. Dive into the entrepreneurial realm with Mary’s intertwined coaching and media background, offering a holistic perspective on marketing, business development, and finding one’s natural voice. Explore logistical intricacies, from travel to studio setups, revealing the meticulous planning behind each episode’s production. Gain insights into the interplay of creativity, systematization, and the quest for bougie excellence. Join Mary on this odyssey through entrepreneurship, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of impactful storytelling.

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Quote from the episode

Creativity is messy and I like it that way.  Our world demands more humanity and less of the overly polished personas.  Just know that I am rooting you on for however you sound or look like or write like. If it feels like YOU then you’re doing it right.

~ Mary Williams, host of The School of Moxie Podcast 

Discussed in this episode

  • Analogical Thinking: Using media analogies to solve business problems.
  • Connecting with Audience: Demonstrating the value of fun and authenticity in business.
  • Analogies & Words: How analogies help articulate complex ideas and feelings.
  • Normalizing Creative Process: Real-time experiences shared by guests for problem-solving.
  • Spoiler Alert & Preparation: Encouraging audience to watch episodes before discussions.
  • Marketing & Business Coaching: Blending intuitive guidance with business development.
  • Creative Choices & Business Messaging: Evolution from analogies to YouTube content.
  • Consistency & Audience Confidence: Importance of regular content for audience trust.
  • Finding Natural Voice: Seeking charisma and authenticity in business presence.
  • Logistics & Podcast Production: Travel, studio setups, and systematic planning.

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Host & Guest information

Mary Williams

Mary is the CEO and founder of Sensible Woo, home of The School of Moxie Podcast.  A librarian by trade, who established herself in the entertainment industry as the digital archivist for a major animation production studio, she has consulted for not only entertainment companies, but also marketing agencies, tech start-ups, and non-profit fundraising organizations.  For the last eight years, she’s been a business coach for highly-sensitive, neuro-divergent business owners, championing the focus on systems and data management as a solid foundation for sustainable businesses that scale.  The motto at Sensible Woo is that you are always your best system, which means embracing the magic of your intuitive side is just as important as the data your business produces.  Mary has been an online content creator since 2010, which makes her a tough old bird in the online entrepreneurship community and you should definitely ask her about all the crazy shit she’s seen people do online over the years.  You can travel with Mary as she records guests in studios through her weekly emails, YouTube, Instagram, and Threads.  

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