Season 01, Episode 18

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Backstage Stories from Season 1 with Chris Martin

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Summary description

In this episode, host Mary Williams and guest Chris Martin delve into the essence of authenticity in podcasting. They discuss the lack of humanity in many current business-related podcasts, emphasizing the need for genuine conversations over scripted exchanges. Mary shares her approach to crafting podcast seasons inspired by thematic structures from popular shows like The Last of Us and Ted Lasso, infusing heart and normalcy into business contexts. They explore the importance of embracing imperfection to maintain authenticity and the significance of heartfelt pitches that resonate emotionally. The conversation touches on editing to preserve human elements, personal growth through professional work, and scripting podcast seasons based on thematic characters. Additionally, they highlight the focus on dismantling norms, exploring themes of toxic masculinity and femininity in the shows used for this podcast. This episode offers a deep dive into the art of podcasting while maintaining a strong human connection.

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Quote from the episode

I wanted to make sure to capture and honor that wild imperfection. Because without it, I think we can go too far. We can go too far to edit out and smooth out and make everything sound perfect, but we lose the humanity. And I think part of the conversation with a professional is what are those parameters? What are those boundaries that you don’t want to cross?

~ Chris Martin, Founder & CEO of Chris Martin Studios

Discussed in this episode

  • Emphasis on Authenticity: Valuing genuine conversations over overly polished and scripted interactions in podcasts.
  • Lack of Humanity in Business Podcasts: Current business podcasts often miss the human element, leaving listeners feeling disconnected and less knowledgeable.
  • Challenging Norms: Infusing heart and normalcy into business-related discussions.
  • Imperfection as Essence: The podcast embraces imperfection, recognizing it as a crucial element to maintain the authenticity of conversations.
  • Crafting Season Themes: Drawing inspiration from popular shows like The Last of Us and Ted Lasso to create thematic structures for podcast seasons.
  • Heartfelt Pitches: Effective pitches should resonate emotionally, tugging at the heartstrings to create genuine interest and connection.
  • Human Connection in Editing: The importance of leaving natural elements in edits to preserve the human essence in podcast episodes.
  • Personal Growth Through Professional Work: Learning and growing personally while professionally working on podcast episodes and challenging oneself.
  • Scripting Through Themes: The process of scripting podcast seasons involves aligning characters from shows with guests, creating an immersive experience.
  • Focus on Dismantling Norms: Exploring themes like dismantling toxic masculinity and femininity, highlighting the feminist essence of the shows used in this podcast.

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Chris Martin

You could create a list of words that describes what Chris does —curiosity builder, filmmaker, podcaster, designer, writer, and educator—or use fancy words like multihyphenate, multipotentialite, or polymath, producer succinctly sums it up.  Since 2002, Chris has been involved in filmmaking projects ranging from live video production and documentary videos to feature films and episodic web series. Chris Martin Studios was brought to life in 2006. In 2016, he entered the world of podcasts with his weekly show Getting Work To Work. In 2020, he added a second show focusing on the world of independent film called Beyond Your Imagination with Chris Martin. In 2023, Chris expanded the Getting Work To Work universe to include a documentary series and newsletter.  You can connect with Chris through his website, Substack, podcast, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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