Season 01, Episode 19

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Season One Finale: The Last of Us Business Journey Comes to a Close

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

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In the season finale of the School of Moxie Podcast, host Mary Williams reflects on the journey of Season 1, centered around the video game adaptation, “The Last of Us.” She shares insights from the official podcast of the show, where creators originally aimed for ten episodes but discovered a more compelling narrative by merging the first two episodes into one. This parallels the concept of completing hard tasks, and Mary emphasizes the importance of facing challenges and growing through them.

Mary delves into her work with entrepreneurs, integrating human design into business activities, revealing her own identity as a Manifestor, and the role of creative urges. She discusses her future plans for Season 2, focusing on Apple TV’s “Ted Lasso,” introducing a character-based approach to analyzing the show’s three seasons in the context of entrepreneurship.

Listeners are encouraged to catch up on “The Last of Us” and engage in self-reflection by listening to the podcast, reading “Bittersweet” by Susan Cain, and practicing intuitive content consumption. Mary believes both shows are inherently feminist and calls for a takedown of toxic masculinity and femininity within ourselves.

The episode concludes with gratitude for the audience’s support, an invitation to stay connected through social media and newsletters, and an exciting teaser for Season 2 with “Ted Lasso.”

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Quote from the episode

In this Generator world, I’m one of the rarer types in human design, at about only 9% of the world’s population sharing my type along with me. Manifestors are the only human design type that has energy built for initiating new things that this world has never seen before.

~ Mary Williams, host of The School of Moxie Podcast

Discussed in this episode

  • Season finale reflects on the journey of Season 1, mirroring “The Last of Us” narrative editing.
  • Emphasizes the importance of facing challenges and growing through them.
  • Mary’s work with entrepreneurs incorporates human design into business activities.
  • Mary identifies as a Manifestor and discusses the role of creative urges.
  • Season 2 will focus on “Ted Lasso,” with a character-based approach.
  • Encourages listeners to engage in self-reflection and intuitive content consumption.
  • Calls for the takedown of toxic masculinity and femininity.
  • Teases bonus episodes and Season 2’s spring 2024 release.
  • Expresses gratitude for the audience’s support.
  • Invites listeners to stay connected through social media and newsletters.

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Mary Williams

Mary is the CEO and founder of Sensible Woo, home of The School of Moxie Podcast.  A librarian by trade, who established herself in the entertainment industry as the digital archivist for a major animation production studio, she has consulted for not only entertainment companies, but also marketing agencies, tech start-ups, and non-profit fundraising organizations.  For the last eight years, she’s been a business coach for highly-sensitive, neuro-divergent business owners, championing the focus on systems and data management as a solid foundation for sustainable businesses that scale.  The motto at Sensible Woo is that you are always your best system, which means embracing the magic of your intuitive side is just as important as the data your business produces.  Mary has been an online content creator since 2010, which makes her a tough old bird in the online entrepreneurship community and you should definitely ask her about all the crazy shit she’s seen people do online over the years.  You can travel with Mary as she records guests in studios through her weekly emails, YouTube, Instagram, and Threads.  

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