Akashic Readings

Because your first system is you.

Connect with your inner systems.

When we work in our businesses, we must first learn how we operate as the unique individuals that we are.

This package is a totally different take on the traditional readings that we have come to know and love. Instead of a general session, why not learn more deeply about how YOU operate in your natural rhythms that you were born with?

Here’s what you get…

  • You’ll get charts for your Human Design profile, your tropical astrology profile, and your numerology profile.
  • I will give you a report with recommendations based on how your energy is naturally meant to function in this lifetime.
  • You’ll get recommendations on how to move forward with more ease in your business journey.
  • And we’ll cap off your experience with a live 1-on-1 call where I’ll utilize the Tarot and Akashic Records that you have come to know & love with my traditional readings.

You will need to provide me with the following:

In order to give you the most precise report & readings, I will need accurate information from you.

This means, that if you don’t know all of this information yet, your reading might be a little more generic or might take longer to deliver to you.

Your birth date (day/month/year)
Your birth time… exactly, down to the minute.
Your birth location (city/state, country)