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Why You’ll Love It

  • Start each week from a place of calm and confidence 
  • Make decisions that feel good on a soul level
  • Blend magic, mindfulness, and strategic thinking
  • Find inspiration and recharge your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Better balance in life + work

This is especially true for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to lead with intuition AND savvy strategy to grow businesses that uplift the world.

What You’ll Get Every Sunday

  • Custom Tarot readings laser-focused on common entrepreneur struggles
  • Analysis of the cards + doable steps to apply the wisdom
  • Grounding rituals and mindfulness practices
  • A judgment-free community of peers
  • Discounts and exclusive content for subscribers only

My purpose is simple: to help you experience more flow, ease, and excitement as you build aligned, sustainable businesses with soul.

Hey there, I’m Mary!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 10 years and a professional intuitive guide for over 20 years, wearing all the hats of a solopreneur. I know firsthand how stressful and chaotic entrepreneurship can be – the highs and lows, am I right? 

After burning out one too many times, I realized I needed to take a more intuitive, values-aligned approach to business. 

So, I decided to combine my lifelong love of all things magical (I’m a bit of a witch at heart!) with the strategic skills I’ve developed as a business coach for neurodiverse entrepreneurs. 

Now, each week, I create special Tarot readings attuned specifically to the struggles faced by heart-centered, purpose-driven business owners like you. 

I’m here to help you feel more flow, ease, and excitement in your entrepreneurial journey. Infuse it with a dash of magic while also leveraging smart strategy and intuition.

I can’t wait to connect with you via the weekly subscriber ritual! Having these candid conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs brings me so much joy.

“I really needed to hear this today. What an enlightening reading this week.  So many messages that I need to pick though.”

“It’s an opportunity to intentionally consider each area of my business and permission to acknowledge the energy I’m feeling and to act accordingly.” 

“The ritual of grounding myself with the extended readings is incredibly useful in preparing for the week ahead while being open to all the possibilities around me.” 

This “Latte Level” Investment is So Worth It

I know, I know – you’re probably thinking another monthly subscription?

But hear me out…

When you break it down, $19 per month is just skipping… 1 fancy latté each week and replacing it with a weekly “dose of woo” for your biz!


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