Business Intuition

Weekly intuitive guidance… specifically for your business!

Every week I send a special set of readings to subscribers who want more from their online Tarot readings.  This is not the space where we confuse relationship advice with business strategy!

This is the up-graded, up-leveled members-only email that allows you to

  • Connect with your intuitive inner knowing
  • Apply that awareness to your weekly CEO-level decisions
  • Make critical gut-checks before saying “yes” or “no” to your data-based decisions
  • Develop a great sense of confidence by learning to trust yourself

And… most importantly… to do this in a safe, judgement-free zone. 

No need to show up anywhere.
Enjoy the videos in private.
Watch them on the go or in your home office.

Get special access to ask questions for future readings and discounted booking links for 1-on-1 readings that are no longer available in any other container at Sensible Woo.


Be Sensible.
Be Woo.
Be You.