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So you need content and it feels like an impossible dream?  Here’s how we work together around here…

I help offbeat 🙋🏻‍♀️ semi-seasoned entrepreneurs who identify as heart-centered and a bit of a witch while feeding their lifelong learning gene by hopping from Notion templates and Tarot spreads to new productivity books looking for The One. 

The solution designed for your squiggly brain experience, to keep you a little more sane while dealing with 3D problems like trying to guesstimate how long tasks will ACTUALLY take to get done while ping ponging from google cal to paper agenda making the idea of Time Management feel like a sweet but distant dream. Putting on the metaphorical big girl CEO Pants and actually FEELING like you are one while you navigate the sticky parts of business in between social media procrastination scrolls. From difficult conversations or big decisions. To accepting, grieving and finally unsubscribing from a past mentor’s plan for you that didn’t match up with the way you want to enjoy your business AND life. 

Going beyond completing to-do’s or having your calendar system streamlined, you need support tuning in and trusting the subtle but silently SCREAMING gut instinct or intuition inside. You’ve had nudges before on what to do, but don’t act on them because of doubt running in the background.

That works with your life both behind the laptop where you help other people create more spaciousness in their own lives & businesses and FOR you while you’re offline at your self care rituals.

The one that whole heartedly fits all of their genius with all of their ideas and big heart with a slight sailor’s mouth into a place they can stick with long term.

A librarian by trade, I established myself in the entertainment industry as the digital archivist for a major animation production studio and I’ve consulted for not only entertainment companies, but also marketing agencies, tech start-ups, and non-profit fundraising organizations. 

For the last decade, I’ve been a business coach for highly-sensitive, neurodivergent business owners, championing the focus on systems and data management as a solid foundation for sustainable businesses that scale. Post-Covid, I dialed in how we use systems at Sensible Woo so that they’re focused on how you produce content for your business and brand.  A lot of people want help with marketing, but if you don’t have any content to work with, it’s pretty hard to get the help, so that’s where I step in to help you fill in that gap!

The motto at Sensible Woo is that you are always your best system, which means embracing the magic of your intuitive side is just as important as the data your business produces.  I started as a blogger and I’ve been an online content creator since 2010, which honestly makes me a tough old bird in the online entrepreneurship community and you should definitely ask me about all the crazy shit I’ve seen people do online over the years.  (Trust me when I say that nothing you do could ever be considered “weird”.)

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I help you weave your intuition into your systems for high quality content production. Here’s how we can connect: