VIP Coaching

1-on-1 time for accelerated growth

Are you rapidly scaling & growing?  It can be so exciting… and also rather daunting. 

I feel you, boo.  😘

This is exactly the place for you when your business is expanding at such a rate that a group program will actually slow you down.

When  you have my undivided attention, you get to customize e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!  We might pull resources from the Sensible Woo library and we might pull resources from my coaching & resource provider network.

The point is… this is all about YOU.

This is the program when you are wearing CEO pants to the max, each and every day.  You’re tired of buying CEO pants off the rack.  When we work together, VIP style, you’re getting a bespoke CEO suit.

1-on-1 clients at Sensible Woo get access to high level support so that you can focus on stepping into your leadership role and bring your vision to life.

This isn’t consulting… this is coaching. 

This is the space where you learn to operate as YOU need to, not simply adopt what someone else tells you to do.

Are you ready to level up with vip TIME?


Level up… fast!

VIP coaching at Sensible Woo is through invitation only.  You must first finish the prerequisite, which is the 12 month Incubator program.  After successfully completing the Incubator, you can request 1-on-1 coaching.  This process allows me to get to know you deeply, understand how you operate in your business, and it also ensures that you have the foundation that you need to do the higher level work that is required in 1-on-1 coaching.  I am adament that I will provide you with the highest quality and value possible and that starts with a group program.


  • Click here to learn about the Incubator.
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  • In a hurry?  You can try a mini-workshop to fix a systems problem here.
    • Or… You can solve for your deeper bottlenecks by joining the Coven and getting your energy into alignment with your offers.