Becoming More

A video resurfaced on Instagram and TikTok in the past week and it’s clear that the meme-ification of this old dance competition routine is clearly speaking those unspoken emotions for a lot of people right now.  Since I am one of the many people incorporating metaphysical modalities with practical business stuff, I really pay attention to the ways in which we all like to lean on systems like astrology when The Real Work starts getting tough.


You could point fingers at the astro-weather and there would be plenty of it to point at!  Everything from eclipses to Mercury in Retrograde… throw in some numerology… and we’ve got a raging party.  But the truth is, all of this is deeply personal work.  You’re simply being asked to stop running away from what you feel.  I know, sounds easier than it is to do in reality.

To stop running away from the offers you actually want to build.  To stop running away from the type of client you actually enjoy working with.  To stop keeping afloat the thing that got you here at the expense of allowing yourself to get *there*.

I have been saying this for years now and I stand by it so much right now based on collective behavioral patterns:  Until you can put what you *feel* into *spoken words* it will consume your inner magic and pull you off your course.  We are a languaged species and we are meant to put words to the things we feel, which is no small task when you do it fully & correctly.  I’ve attempted to model this as best I can through all the content I love producing… from my podcast to my newsletters to firing this blog space back up even though it needs a lot of design & technical fixes at the moment.  The point is not to make it all look pretty.  The point is that I actually do the darn thing.

What I’m seeing right now is a propensity for people in my audience to look for words outside themselves or to bypass the words altogether.  That allows for a very wide margin of excuse for not making changes and continuing to stick with what they know even if that thing is hurting them.  It’s creating a lot of anxiety and unnecessary angst.  But it *is* scary to say what you feel… and I’m really talking only about saying these things to yourself.  You do not need to tell everyone else.  This is why I’m such a fan of a private journaling practice — it helps you develop that internal dialogue that is essential for inner peace.

So, when you watch this video and you watch these amazing choreographers and dancers express shadow work through physical movement… What words come up in your internal dialogue?  Using this dance piece to help you practice taking something emotionally charged and putting your own words around it can rewire your mindset, your processes, and your direction faster than any Tarot spread or magic spell video off of social media right now.

Your shadow is a part of you.  It’s meant to be in dialogue with you… not shoved aside or disrespected.  To disrespect your shadow is to dishonor the essence of yourself.  Furthermore, what if your shadow is NOT a dark and scary thing?  What if it’s the light that pulls you out of the slump you’re in but you’re blinding by that light so everything feels dark right now?  #foodforthought
Stay strong… you got this… keep going…