The Content, Your Version

Those of you who keep up with my weekly activities get quite the behind-the-scenes backstage pass. In case you don’t follow that closely, the long story made short is that I’ve been digging out from under a pretty intense backlog. It’s the culmination of big shifts in daily demands from life, continuing to heal my body (and mind + spirit) after some intense years of trauma, and making big pivots in my business offers. There comes a point after so much change when you need to spend some months pointing everything back in the same direction again.

One of the biggest shifts at Sensible Woo has been a return to content production, which is near and dear to my heart. In all of my programs over the years, the #1 thing most people ask for around the systems work is how to make it easier, faster, and less stressful to produce more regular content in their business marketing strategy. The good news is that this is so solve-able that once you figure how what works for *you*, it kind of becomes difficult to un-see that.

In all my years of blogging, running giveaways, selling sponsorships, producing podcasts, developing YouTube channels, and delivering keynote talks, the main thing I have always come back to is that email list building must absolutely be at the top of any business owner’s list of regular activities. It’s not safe, ever, to rely on social media platforms as the way you find, keep and convert your customers. I learned this the hard way many moons ago when Facebook was still just a baby and we were all enamored with it. To collective email subscribers was considered old and out-of-touch… until the day that Facebook changed the rules without warning and introduced an algorithm that required brands to pay-to-play.

Now we’re seeing this play out again but in a different methodology. Lots of creators & influencers use TikToks and IG Reels as a way to garner lots of metrics and attention. And because the rules of advertising have never changed (the larger your click rates, the better the advertisers will pay you), we have a whole new generation of social media influencers who make their income based on sheer numbers like TikTok views.

Enter stage right: TikTok vs. Universal Media Group. In a recent dispute, Universal pulled its entire music catalog off of TikTok when the two parties didn’t come to a licensing agreement.

Now, you and I with our small audiences and multiple revenue streams (Go small business team!) might be a little disappointed about some TikToks suddenly going silent, but we archive the videos and move on. That is not the case for a lot more business creators than you might think… some of these folks have entire bodies of work nearly wiped out over night because their TikToks are rendered boring, unwatchable, and, well, useless.

Advertisers don’t like useless.
Audiences don’t like silence.

And YOU… because you’re smarter than this, are going to make critical upgrades in your business this year to prioritize your email list growth.  Because over there, no one can take away your content like this.  On your email list, you can still message your audience and talk with them about your offers and your next launch and help them solve their problems.  Or, perhaps, just simply to entertain them.  Either way, your power as an entrepreneur is in the relationships you have carefully cultivated to such a degree that someone has willingly handed you their email address.  A follow on social is great, but it never holds the same power.  Not because the individual’s follow action isn’t powerful, but because the platform can always remove the connection between the two of you… unlike your email list.

Need help growing your list and can’t quite get traction?  Talk it out with me in Voxer coaching!  Start with one month to get a feel for it and you’ll also get one month free of the Sunday Woo Crew paid newsletter subscription.  Can’t wait to chat with you… 🗣️