Sesame Street Week

A couple of months ago, I gathered some clients that coach & consult with me via Voxer, to step INTO their comfort zones and do a one week experiment. We called it Sesame Street Week and in this post, I’m going to explain the what, why, and how.  If you want to see the original post, you can watch it here:

Sensible Woo on Instagram

The What

Did you know that when Sesame Street was originally created, it utilized a new format that was originally met with skepticism?  The format involved re-airing episodes to repeat the lessons for their young audience.  Network executives didn’t think that was a smart idea at first, but the producers had data showing that the way children learn is through repetition.  Well, guess what?  We’re all just big kids and as adults we *still* need to hear things twice… or thrice… or more.

If this lesson was true for you and your friends at five years of age, it can certainly still be applied today.  Just think about your audience and the information overload that they’re dealing with on a daily basis.  If you think they don’t need to hear your message more than once, you’d be thinking like an old school television executive… instead of the ground breaking Sesame Street show producers who changed the way we approach education on video.

The Why

Why do this? Because of the following reasons:

  • When you break down all of the elements that make up the sum total of your expertise, you will quickly discover just how much there is to talk about.
  • The process of doing a Sesame Street Week shows you, personally, all the ways in which you make your message way more complex and complicated than your audience can handle.
  • You also learn how to break down your lessons into more digestible chunks.
  • And you find really cool ways of talking about your expertise that you may not have previously, simply because you gave yourself an opportunity to play with the topic a bit more.
  • When you repeat yourself, you give your audience a chance to catch up to you.  Remember, you’re the expert!  What feels like walking to you feels like running at a sprint to them.  You will frequently notice how much more engagement you have on your lead gen material when you repeat yourself.
The How

So now you want to try this, too?  Here’s what you do… Your job is to choose a distribution channel, whether it’s an email list, a social media platform, or something else like YouTube.  After making that decision, you are going to post each day for 5 days in a row (i.e. Monday through Friday) and talk about one very specific thing, on repeat, but through different angles.  That’s it.  Simple.  Easy.

The goal is easy production, nothing fancy.  Simply talk at your camera or record B-roll with a captioned explanation.

And Now… The Objections

I’m sure someone reading this is thinking, “Ugh. That’s a lot of effort.”  Yes, it is some effort.  And the last time I checked, you are hanging out with me because you own & operate a business, which means you’re in this for the *work* and sometimes we need to do actual work.  So now that I’ve called you out on your own bullshit, let’s just do the darn thing, ok?

  • You do not have to do this forever, but you do need some data and the only way to get data is to produce something.
  • You probably really don’t know what it’s like to truly feel like a broken record.  This is not going to come even close to that, but it will help you get some foothold on a playing field where your competition is reaching the customers you would really like to book yourself.
  • I frequently hear from people with content production that they’re not sure if they want to post on this platform or send emails in that way and the list goes on and on and on.  The ugly truth is that until you dive into the content and format, you’re simply not going to know.
  • And finally, if you’re telling me that your best customers don’t hang out on XYZ social media platform, then my first question for you is, “Have you validated this assumption?”  If you’ve done your CEO homework and you know you and your customers don’t belong on that platform… then don’t use it. As simple as that!
Let’s Get Inspired

As a long time content creator (I started my first blog in 2010), I know first hand that the more you work on becoming a better content consumer, the better your own content will be produced in your business.  My favorite hack for this is to get waaaaaaay outside the bubble of your main topic.  Let’s take the Tarot readings I do for business owners… to get myself inspired with fresh approaches, I am *not* going to look for content created by other spiritual or metaphysical creators and businesses.

In fact, would you like to know what has caught my attention lately?  Drum roll please… It’s lawn mowing videos.  Yeah, you heard that correctly.  Lawn mowing.  One account in particular is SB Mowing and I have been watching this guy’s YouTube channel blow up to epic proportions.  Here’s why I love his entire body of work:

  • He’s doing Sesame Street lessons all the time.  He mows lawns.  Technically he also owns a power washing company and has a separate channel for that, but outside exterior home care, that is all he does.
  • You might think, it’s just another video where he’s mowing yet another lawn.  Insert the yawns and eye rolls here.  Think again!
  • Every property is uniquely different and because of that, he gets to demonstrate his expertise in a way that has other people trying to copy him now.
  • His videos are also a demonstration of his values, which I think is what I appreciate the most.  He helps people in need clean up their yards or improves vacant lots in neighborhoods.  Clearly his business is doing well, so this becomes an act of community service and the equivalent of a free lead magnet to his wider audience.

Check out one of Spencer’s videos here and tell me… who do you like to follow and how do they inspire you?