The Magic of Tidying Up

These are my favorite ice dancers who inspired part of this week’s reading.

But can you feeling that energetic shift?? I mean REALLY. 🤓

When I butt up against time periods like the last 3 months and I can’t find room to maneuver my energetic impulses, I get a little cranky and impatient. But I’m a systems thinker through-and-through… so I know that (1) everyone has a backlog, (2) backlogs are totally normal, (3) one bite at a time is the only way through it.
There was a big energy shift in this time around, though… it added some flair. 🪩 I think it’s important to note that a true backlog isn’t about feeling like you have to fulfill the “should” statements. True backlog usually will have you feeling constrained with your revenue generating activities and that’s when you know you need to put up the boundaries and get to work on clearing the decks ASAP.

I have had people tugging on me left & right who would love for me to compromise my own boundaries for their comfort. But holding your boundaries is important. I know some of you have been struggling with this because you’ve been in my DMs talking about it, so then maybe hearing about one person’s order-of-operations (i.e. mine) might help this week.

Feel free to swipe & copy:

1. The most important thing has been putting on my own oxygen mask, which starts with my physical & mental health. No exceptions. I did not just invest thousands of personal dollars on healthcare that insurance doesn’t pay for, as well as time & effort over the last 1.5 years, to recover from debilitating burnout just to put myself back in the same position again.

2. Then I move into my life systems which includes caregiving. I’ve heard from some folks who have also shifted into this life role/phase and it’s amazing how often we start with apologies to each other. “So sorry you haven’t heard from me faster.” My favorite reply lately is, “You never need to apologize and if anyone understands right now it’s me.” You deserve space & grace.

3. Then I move into my business which starts with my own operations & systems. Everyone is better served when I make sure that my business (and your services by default) don’t end up paying for things like tech debt. This is the extra cost we pay not just in dollars but in time and labor to fix things twice or thrice (or more) because we didn’t take the full measures to set up the system with long term strategy in place. This priority #3 is enabling me to bring you coaching at significantly more affordable rates this year rather than the high ticket programs of 5. the past. Pretty sure your wallet likes this option. 😉 Even if it means a slower roll out for enrollment.

4. Now we finally get into client care… I know, right??? It’s this far down the list? Yeahhhhh. But in real time, this happens at about the 24-48 business hour mark. So when you see it in terms of timing, you’re still on top of your deliverables. Internally, your mindset will feel very different, though. I know with certainty that no one truly has emergencies. What usually feels like an “emergency” is a preventable emergency that shows us a deeper root issue to solve. You might be uncomfortable, but the most powerful thing a coach can do for you is to let you work through your discomfort safely so you can actually grow.

5. Ah, the extra requests. Something extra-extra that wasn’t part of your package? It will come. Not tomorrow and maybe not even next month. It’s extra. Extra-above-and-beyond requires development, which has to be slotted in when the energy allows for it… which is where this week’s past life meditation comes from. If you’ve been jumping at every request coming through your business doors, this is your reminder that you’re allowed to park them until you do steps 1-4 first.

6. Lastly and I do mean lastly… coffee chats & co-working. I’ve reached a new phase in my business development where one does not have time to attend lots of calls. I respect the crap out of the busy-meeting-people phase because it is so necessary and if you still need to generate hefty leads, then this will be a bigger priority for you but it still comes after prioritizing yourself as a system + your actual business systems.

I am neither lonely in my business journey nor am I lost for focus or direction. I’ve found a whole galaxy of other planets (aka entrepreneurs) like me spinning around a different sun and we move fast and we don’t do co-working or coffee chats. Enjoy whichever galaxy you’re currently orbiting. It serves a very important purpose.

The grass isn’t greener, it’s just different grass.

The energy has shifted and it feels fucking delicious to make spaciousness, which is my *concept* of the year. Not a word. A concept. A fully engaged action.
Shaking the cosmic dust off…
~McG ✨