Be like one of our guests this season…

You can follow along with us this season through the following pieces of content.  You can either binge the series or watch each television series episode as you listen to the corresponding podcast episode.  Just be aware that we may talk about future events in the series, so… this is your official spoiler alert!  🤓

This is the list of required “homework” that all of the guests completed for this podcast season:

Welcome to the School of Moxie Podcast, brought to you by Sensible Woo.  This is the podcast where we break the mold around business podcast conversations.  We make it FUN around here by using television, movies, and entertainment as the jumping off point for conversations about how we navigate the world as individuals.  

Fiction is the vehicle that gives us words to articulate our value systems and tells people who we are.  I find that a lot of my audience (and probably yours as well) struggle to find words for their problems until they start thinking about how to use analogies.  Analogies help us build bridges between something we can describe into a new area that we’re in the process of developing.

As humans, we are a languaged species, which means we find context and meaning in our lives through the ability to put our feelings into words.  This podcast is going to help you normalize this process and see how it’s done in real time as my guests talk through their own experiences in relation to the episode they’ve been assigned for this show.

Our first season of this podcast is centered on the first season of the HBO series The Last of Us, based on the video game of the same name.  Consider this your official spoiler alert!  On this podcast, my guests are going to jump right into the conversation and we are going to spill all the tea on the story and plot… so if you enjoy being surprised, I encourage you to watch the episode first before listening to our discussion.